Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wasting money, and maybe a sacking in the offing?

He wasted $1343 of rates money on a private campaign against Auckland Mayor John Banks. What more can we say. This is completely embarrassing. You can read the Herald article here.

If he has even a shred of decency, he would pay the money back.

Further embarrassments like this are going to embolden the new Minister of Local Government to make some hard choices once the Royal Commission is announced.

If Williams' mission to protect the current North Shore setup has been a complete failure (as we have every reason to suspect it will be), and if Williams is true to form and launches a series of blistering personal attacks and threatens to be obstructionist, the Minister of Local Government will have only one choice:

Section 254, 255 and 256 of the Local Government Act 2002 - the removal of Williams as Mayor and the appointment of a commissioner to run North Shore through the transition. Don't laugh. It's a likely prospect if Williams threatens to hurt the process.


  1. Time for an email campaign to get him ousted..

    mayor@northshorecity.govt.nz will get your message across.

  2. Hey I'm really loving this blog, I had no idea about the madness of the mayor and I’m sadden by the lack of people commenting so I thought I would just say keep up the good work!