Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cr Darby vs the Mayor

We are not alone in the fight against the Mad Mayor of North Shore. On the council itself, there are a number of politicians acting as stalking horses to "mark" Williams.

Chief protaganist is Cr Chris Darby, who has earned and returned the wrath of Williams on a number of occasions.

Key to this particular relationship dynamic is that Darby doesn't lose his temper. While Williams jumps up and calls Darby a "smart arse", the councillor from Devonport carefully avoids provocative statements while baiting the stroppy and cranky Williams into losing the plot.

Darby, a good family man, reputedly doesn't seek the mantle of Mayor, but we are sure that a vastly different looking council with a more moderate Mayor would surely need an experienced and level-headed Deputy.

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