Saturday, January 17, 2009

Odd and abusive say the NZ Herald

Imagine our amusement finding that the Herald were to describe our beloved North Shore Mayor as "odd and sometimes abusive".

The Herald reached this conclusion when looking at potential mayors for a new supercity. Now, we have mixed feelings about the merits of a supercity. But we have no quibble with the description of Williams:


It will be a miracle if Mr Williams stands for the job. He has been the loudest voice against a super city and is likely to spend all of this year lobbying against change. His odd and sometimes abusive behaviour in the past year has seen him lose credibility locally and at a national level.

Oh yes, that's Andrew Williams - and to have summed him and his dubious term up in only 55 words so comprehensively is ever the more delicious.

But more importantly, the Herald also sums up the consequences of Williams' behaviour - the Shore is now on the outside when it comes to the new Government. We doubt John Key will listen particularly closely to Williams over the Royal Commission recommendations.

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