Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ruining the development levies golden goose

We have received an interesting email the other day from a local developer, disgusted with the lack of financial accountability by the current hierarchy. Now, we have to be fair here - Angry Andrew didn't cause this. However, he is perpetuating this ruining of the golden goose that funds so much of our wonderful infrastructure. Read on:

The North Shore City debt is out of control and there are new valuations, Auckland Regional Services Bill ARC Fuel Levy etc all coming forward for paying. The Developers Levies policy is in tatters because they have frozen out the Building Industry to a standstill and North Shore City is buying up new expensive Parkland in advance with borrowed money while telling the public the public they are using Developers Levies. I have been told the kitty for that has been bare for some time now but you offset that by borrowing to politicize the issue and don’t tell the truth. Williams does not answer incoming emails at all (unlike George Wood did). Therefore lets hope Andrew is only a single term Mayor.

Borrowing money offset against future development levies? That's madness....

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  1. his pet project the cambpelss bay bridge is being funded by developers levies. He lives 450 meters from the site and Joy Brett deputy chair of parks department lives 50 meters from the site. He is pushing this through come hell or high water. He must go by 2010.